What a wonderful replica watches time of year

What a wonderful replica watches time of year, when many brands are slowly starting to show what they'm working on for SIHH 2015. Cartier kicks off the new clock season with the announcement of the Rotonde De Cartier annual calendar, a well-balanced and innovative (still determined Cartier) expression of the complication that only need to be set once a year. A complication of this kind can sit between the production of advanced watches more standard than Cartier and its high watchmaking department. Even with an internal movement and a precious metal case, it leans slightly towards it.

Available in 18 carat white or rose gold, the annual Rotonde De Cartier calendar is 40 mm wide and 13.26 mm thick. While the steering wheel can contain a large amount of information, the case is minimal, with a glossy surface and short handles. The crown, in true Cartier style, is adorned with a blue cabochon sapphire that fits perfectly with the blue steel hours and minutes hands. Although the complications of the annual calendar are not in themselves new, it is the design of the calendar information that is the most interesting here. For a few years, Cartier asked smart watch lovers replica watches uk to "rethink" some classic complications by performing them in new ways. Here we see, for example, a "persistent" ring visible every day of the week (something we have not seen before), with a red indicator that jumps during the current day of the week.

An annual calendar complication requires the display of a date, a day and a month, and the annual Rotonde De Cartier calendar handles them via Cartier 9908 MC caliber. With automatic winding, 32 jewels and a 48-hour power reserve, this 4 Hz movement offers a 12-digit, two-digit 12-digit display, one month at six and one day along the outer circumference of the steering wheel. There is a small hammer-shaped hand (only the flat tip can be seen, in red) that indicates the day. the movement seems to be very well completed and can be seen through a sapphire crystal fall back. This is a movement whose complications have been designed for everyday use compared to a complicated style watch "once in a while".

Rotonde De Cartier's annual calendar is created exclusively through the crown and Cartier designed the system as simply as possible. So, just like a standard data function, the crown rolex replica on the annual Rotonde De Cartier calendar offers wrapping, time setting and then date setting - all without relying on proofreaders.